Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New, new, new!

Today is new-to-me Tuesday. Here are a few new things I have learned, seen, experienced, heard recently:

- The Rustic Corner in Charles City, Iowa, has an amazing scrappin', craftin' store on Main Street called RC on Main. And the store manager, Erin Schmidt, is one classy, crafty, fun lady!

- Donna Downey will be at RC on Main September 16 and 17. Yippee! For the last two years I went to Archivers' Scrapfest at the Mall of America in Minnesota. However, the quality and value took a sharp turn for the worse from one year to the next and included some not-so-ethical practices, so I won't be returning unless and until they clean up their act. (Tip: when a manufacturer sends free products to give to attendees, don't put it out on the shelves to sell instead and then give attendees outdated products from the clearance section). Anyway, a weekend of Donna Downey in person at a store 30 minutes from my house is a much better option!

- The road from Charles City to Ionia is stunning! I used to think scenic beauty was reserved for mountains and oceans, but not so much anymore. This winding country road is resplendent with trees, barns, barn quilts, fields, a river, country stores, old farm implements, horses, cattle, classic cars and charming architecture.

- My daughter is the most talented teen photographer I have seen. Ever. She has a creative imagination, an artistic eye for composition and a gift for post production ingenuity. I need to sit closer to her so some of her mojo rubs off on me.

- Sara Ramirez has an amazing voice. Just ask Grey's Anatomy fans and iTunes. Seriously amazing. I like to drive/ride around in my Pathfinder pretending I can sing like she can. Just ask my husband.

- I have 80 wedding invitations to make and send out next week. And then I have 20 baby shower invites to make and send the following week.

- My pinky toe nail fell off. Seriously, I woke up yesterday and it was just hanging there by a millimeter of nail stuff.

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