Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portrait inspiration


My daughter was blessed with a photogenic paternal lineage. The camera loves her and she it, from both sides. Here is a slide show of portraits taken yesterday by Amanda Gahler, a senior at Wartburg College. Featured are my daughter (in the stripes) and a friend.

Amanda is an amazing photographer, isn't she?! I love how she was able to evoke and capture so many different expressions on the girls' faces. I can see in their eyes the wisdom gained from childhood and the hopes and dreams for high school life and beyond. These are portraits I will treasure forever.

Now comes the fun part for me. Post processing and scrapbooking!


  1. They're wonderful! Your sidebar looks so neat and tidy!

  2. what wonderful memories you'll have when you look back at these!

  3. what a fun session and great photos!

  4. What great photos and your daughter is beautiful x

  5. The photos are really beautiful as are they girls. Sorry its taken me so long to say thanks for your comment on my blog (BBfS) I have finished work for the Easter weekend at last and can't wait to catch up:)